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DALLAS/FORT WORTH (April 30, 2015) – Artemis Medical Society is pleased to announce its selection as the 2015 National Medical Fellowships’ Leadership in Diversity Award honoree.  This recognition by NMF acknowledges the work Artemis Medical Society and its leaders are doing to increase female physicians of color in healthcare, and to inspire the new generation of young medical students to follow a path in medicine and become role models in their communities.

“We are honored to have been selected for such an esteemed award in our organization’s young history,” said Dr. Myiesha Taylor, president, Artemis Medical Society and NMF alumnae.  “It truly affirms the vision our 11 founders set forth and that we are on the right path to change the face of medicine. We know how vital our mission is to ensuring our nation has the diverse physician workforce we need for our future.”

Established in 2012, Artemis Medical Society represents more than 4700 women physicians of color nationally and internationally.

“National Medical Fellowships is proud to join with Artemis Medical Society in recognizing women physicians of color.  As one of the nation’s first diversity organizations, NMF is now approaching its 70 year. We are proud of the NMF Alumni who are founders of Artemis and pleased to have recognized their promise early in their careers.  NMF is impressed by Artemis’ achievements and its growing influence in supporting women in healthcare.”       Like Artemis Medical Society, NMF creates opportunities in medicine for groups who are underrepresented among American physicians. NMF achieves its goals by providing scholarships to help talented young people afford the high costs of medical school. Since 1946, NMF has awarded scholarships to more than 32,000 minority medical students. NMF will acknowledge Artemis Medical Society and all of its 2015 honorees at the Los Angeles Champions of Health Awards Gala on June 24, 2015 at 6 p.m. at Molina Healthcare in Long Beach California. For a complete list of this year’s honorees, visit: http://www.nmfonline.org/LAGala2015.

“I guess you can say NMF is in Artemis’ DNA,” said Dr. Deonza Thymes, Artemis Medical Society Vice President of Programming and NMF alumnae. “Long before we created Artemis Medical Society, myself along with three of our founding members were recipients of National Medical Fellowships scholarships so we can personally attest to the importance of the work they do. We know this type of recognition and support of our mission is the key to Artemis’ ability to implement national and international programs necessary to create a physician pool that better reflects our evolving society.”

Learn more about Artemis Medical Society at www.artemismedicalsociety.org or for sponsorship information or to purchase tickets to the National Medical Fellowships’ Los Angeles Champions of Healthcare Gala visit www.nmfonline.org.



Artemis Medical Society helps promote an environment in medicine where women of color from around the world can come together to support and learn from each other across all medical specialties.  Since their formation they have worked diligently to create a supportive environment by fostering a strong sense of community among their membership.  Artemis Medical Society believes women physicians of color are a vital part of an effective physician workforce that is responsive to, and aims to deliver quality healthcare to our increasingly diverse communities. Through mentoring, networking and advocacy, the organization is providing the foundation necessary to create a diverse physician workforce vital to our rapidly changing society.



National Medical Fellowships is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented minority physicians and other professionals in the healthcare workforce in order to improve access to quality healthcare in medically underserved communities. NMF seeks to increase the pipeline of doctors, nurses and physician assistants who have the professional knowledge, cultural competency and commitment to provide quality healthcare for all members of our diverse society. NMF achieves this by: providing scholarships and awards to underrepresented minority medical students; and offering service-learning programs to students of the health professions.


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