Artemis Medical Society President Dr. Myiesha Taylor and Treasurer Tonya Sweezer accepted the Fort Worth Business Press 2014 Health Care Heroes award on behalf of Artemis Medical Society last night at the awards gala in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We are especially thrilled to have been selected as a 2014 Health Care Hero by the Fort Worth Business Press because it recognizes the work we do in our backyard,” said Dr. Myiesha Taylor, President, Artemis Medical Society. “Our members are grateful that our community service through the We Are Doc McStuffins campaign was the impetus for our selection as a 2014 Health Care Hero. We understand the importance of being role models and will continue to develop and promote public campaigns such as this to ensure that our nation and the greater Fort Worth area has the diverse physician workforce we need for our future.”

“Our selection as a Fort Worth Business Press 2014 Health Care Hero is a great honor,” said Dr. Sweezer. “When Artemis Medical Society was founded in 2012, our founding members strongly believed that it was crucial to support public awareness campaigns that would promote health care careers for girls and boys. We also believed that it was crucial for us to focus on traditionally underrepresented communities in the health care professions and encourage children from those communities to become the next generation of diverse physicians our nation will need to ensure quality health care for all.”

Congratulations to the members of Artemis Medical Society for receiving this prestigious award.