FWST 022016 PMC Story

FWST 022016 PMC Story



FORT WORTH -Jaylin Allen, a fifth-grader at Greenbriar Elementary School, can race through a math problem in long division like nobody’s business.

That’s, in part, why she wants to become an obstetrician — “a doctor who delivers babies” — when she grows up, she said.

“I’ve wanted to do that since a long time ago when I was still playing with babies,” Jaylin said. “I would just love those babies, but, of course, I know the job is the most important part.”

Jaylin, who is among the district’s 10 to 12 percent of gifted and talented pool of youngsters, added: “I think I have to go to college for six years, but I’d like to do that because it’s my dream job.”

She is one of dozens of fourth- and fifth-graders in the Fort Worth school district who are taking part in the “Pre-Med Club,” an effort by a group of local physicians to inspire socioeconomically disadvantaged youngsters to pursue medical careers.

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